For nearly a decade HPCsec have been securing some of the worlds most powerful supercomputers.

HPCsec is the worlds only HPC security specialist. We are focused on one thing, that is securing HPC systems and we do it extremely well. Almost every supercomputer in existence today has benefited from security work undertaken by HPCsec.

Our proven approaches are highly effective at identifying HPC specific security flaws and proactively securing systems. Our clients are proud to operate systems protected from the exploitation of both known and unknown 0-day vulnerabilities. Our threat intelligence is not available elsewhere, meaning HPCsec is the only organisation capable of providing effective cyber security detection and monitoring of HPC systems.

We work with:
– HPC vendors, and integrator
– HPC customers or users
– Those looking to expand in house or existing capability

If you wish to engage with HPCsec you can do so directly or via one of our partners who you may already have a relationship with

If you wish to find out more or please contact by email on

We also occasionally post information to Twitter under the account @hpc_sec

Our Blog should provide an indication of our capability.